Online captable management

Do you know who is on your captable? Are you sure?

Issue and manage electronic shares from a single source of truth

Do you know if there has been a dilution event? Are you sure? 

New issues, employees exercising options, and secondary offerings can all change the ownership proportion of a shareholder. Is the event a good thing or a bad thing for you? capsure can tell you.

Do you know if there has been a down round? Are you sure?

Did someone just get a better deal? A new lower pre-money valuation might be based on the markets, competitive forces, or investor beliefs turning sour. Whether real or perception, it's important. capsure knows.

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No hidden fees, download your data at any time. Stop wasting time with spreadsheets or expensive solutions. Organize your captable with capsure.


You'll have a single source of truth that's always accurate.

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You're prepared for regulatory reporting when needed.


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